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California Crime Facts

Chances of Becoming a Victim | Recidivism | Sex Crimes


In California, each year, the chance of you, and your loved ones, becoming a victim, a survivor or affected by violent crime is:

Violent Crime       Murder       Forcible Rape      Robbery        Assault        Burglary
    1 in 188          1 in 146707       1 in 3958              1 in 514         1 in 327           1 in 148

For you and the four people closest to you*, the chance is:

     1 in 4               1 in 2934           1 in 792                1 in 103         1 in 65           1 in 30

For you and the nine people closest to you*, the chance is:

     1 in 2              1 in 1467            1 in 324                 1 in 70           1 in 35          1 in 14

In California in 2006 the following reported crimes were committed:

    194120                2485                   9212                 70968               111455        245464

Who can say with certainty how many unreported crimes were committed?

You think you are immune from crime, unaffected, think again. The odds clock starts ticking anew every year. Once you are a victim, the suffering clock never stops; it ticks a lifetime for you and those who love you.

*Closest people include parents, spouse, children, siblings, friends, associates and others. There is never ONE victim of violent crime.

(Compiled from The Disaster Center US Crime Rates 1960-2006)

What are your chances of being victimized by a parolee? Pretty good. See below.



What happens to the majority of California prisoners released on parole?
                                       Violent Offenders                 All Offenders
Rearrested                             63%                                         70%                
Reconvicted                            40%                                         49%

Parolees Returned to Jail or Prison:
Total                                      64%                                         69%
Commit new crimes                29%                                         37%
Technical violations*               35%                                         32% 

Parolees Returned to Prison:
Total                                      62%                                         66%
Commit new crimes                20%                                         27%
Technical Violations*               42%                                         39%    

(*A “technicality” is not as trivial and simple as it sounds. includes carrying guns or weapons, using drugs, violating parole terms, associating with other criminals – just to list a few “technicalities.” A technicality is the prisoner’s violation of the parole contact.)

NOTE:  2/3 of California parolees return to prison within three years of their release, twice the national average.

California recidivism is higher than other states. California is dealing with a more “hardened” prison population. California prisoners had 10+ arrests prior to prison, thus making them more likely for parole failure, more likely to commit parole crime.
(UC Irvine Center for Evidence-Based Corrections 2005)

In 2004, there were 165000 criminals in California prisons. 58725 parolees were sent back to prison, approximately 23000+ to 35000+ committed new crimes on parole.
(Little Hoover Commission)

More than ½ of all convicted sex offenders are sent back to prison within a year. Within two years, 78% are back. (California Dept of Corrections)

For many convicts, parole is a revolving door: parole, commit a crime or violate parole terms, recommit to prison or a new sentence, parole again. Convicts call it “doing time on the installment plan.”

Parole is about the prisoner, it is never about protecting victims or society from new crime, new pain and suffering, and the tremendous financial cost to society, and the personal cost to victims, to put criminals back in prison.

According to the DOJ, nationally, parolees commit crime 54X times more that the general population of non-parole criminals – 29000+ per 100,000 population vs. 539. Violent parolees are dangerous people, why do we let them out to prey again?



The following information is depressing. What are more depressing are the short prison sentences given offenders, and, the new crimes they commit while on parole or probation.

Child molestation, pedophilia, rape -- all sex crimes -- murder the futures, the happiness and the freedom of victims. Sex crime victims suffer a living death.

“The serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children” (Dr. Mace Knapp, NV State Prison Psychologist)

A child is molested every four seconds. Nearly 1/3 of girls and ¼ of boys are molested by age 18.  The difference between girls and boys may be that boys report molestation less frequently. (

The victims of approximately 70% of convicted sex offenders are children (DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics)

The average pedophile molests 260 victims during their lifetime. Over 90% of convicted pedophiles are arrested again for the same crime after release from prison. (

“There are 400,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. and an estimated 80 to 100,000 of them are missing.” (Ernie Allen, Pres of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on The Early Show.)

More than ½ of all convicted sex offenders are sent back to prison within a year. Within two years, 78% are back. (California Dept of Corrections)

Approximately 24% of those offenders confined for rape and 19% of those imprisoned for sexual assault had been on parole or probation at the time of the crime. (DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Sex offenders are 4X times more likely than non-sex offender to be arrested for another sex crime after release from prison (Counter Pedophilia Investigation Unit – CPIU statistics)

The average sentence given to child molesters is approximately seven (7) years, with three (3) of the seven typically being served.

Because of the horrible nature of crimes committed by rapists, pedophiles and child molesters, and their recidivism rates, why do we allow them out of prison, back into society? There should be ONE STRIKE for murder, rape, and pedophilia and child molestation! Why does society allow these criminals to prey again and again on women and children? What is wrong with us?

Cost of Crime Facts

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